Preparing for a shoot and the joy of dance

It’s been a few weeks since my very first post, and the whole point of a blog is that it needs updating regularly, so I hope to make my posts a bit more frequent in the future, starting now! What better than to tell you a bit about what’s been keeping me busy the last few weeks… I am currently preparing for a music video shoot in which I will be making use of my ballet training and doing a bit of dancing. When I first discussed the shoot with the director I had a minor moment of panic, mainly due to the fact that I hadn’t been to a ballet class in about five years, so the first thing I had to do was get back to class. I found an adult ballet class at the school where I used to train several years ago and have now had two lessons. From the very first demi-plié to the reverance at the end, I loved every minute of it, even when I nearly face-planted the floor during a rather unsteady pirouette. It was like welcoming back an old friend.

I started ballet at the age of four. My mum took me to see Swan Lake and for those two or three hours I was entranced, mesmerised, completely under its spell. I wanted to do it, had to do it. For many years it was all I wanted to do, and I dreamed of one day being a professional ballerina, but after too many breaks in my training and lacking the funds to go to ballet school, it wasn’t to be. A few years ago I stopped going to class, but your body never forgets. After years of developing your turnout, your hips find that position natural, so standing there at the barre in fifth position, it felt like everything was where it was supposed to be. I had come home. Admittedly there’s been a considerable loss in strength and technique, and doing a ronds de jambe with my hips moving all over the place was rather disconcerting, but I’m determined to get it back, and I know that after a few weeks of working hard in class it will start to come.

I’m rediscovering muscles that have been laying dormant for far too long, but thankfully my pilates training has kept some of my strength up. It’s going to be a challenge to pull off a decent pirouette during the shoot but I know that if it’s needed for the video, I will do it. This may not be Natalie Portman preparing for Black Swan, but it is still hard work, and makes me even more in awe of what she went through for that role. I hope that I one day get the chance to tackle such meaty roles, but for the moment I’m taking every opportunity I can and enjoying the experiences along the way, and this music video is a perfect example – in preparing for a role, I have rekindled an old flame, and rediscovered the joy of dance.

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  1. ‘…This may not be Natalie Portman preparing for Black Swan’

    By that I take it you mean…. give loads of interviews about how you hung out about in a trendy ballet studio for a year and a half, and then get a professional ballet dancer to do all the dancing anyway while covered in baubles and then digitally superimpose your face onto hers and then claim it really was you dancing and get all of your friends to back you up, while phoning up the stand in dancer and telling here to keep her trap shut, and then ‘forgetting’ to even mention her contribution when you win an award for all your gruelling hard work and your amazing transformation into a ‘prima ballerina’ 😉


    1. scribblesandshakespeare says:

      Wow, is that true?? I can understand them using a professional dancer as a dance double but not acknowledging her work in the film sucks. Most ballet dancers work long hard hours, wreck their bodies and get little pay, so credit where credit’s due I say! Thanks for posting this.


      1. Yeah it was a case of Hollywood vs the ballet world. The big money won.

        Here’s Sarah Lane’s take on it.

        BTW sorry to derail your post! Hope your video shoot goes well 🙂


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