The LAMDA Legacy – turning strangers into smiles

So the adventure is over… for now. Four weeks of laughing, crying, playing, living and breathing Shakespeare, practicing historic dance steps in swishy skirts, prancing around with childlike glee, slurping coffee on the way to school, contorting myself to avoid a faceful of armpit on the morning tube ride, dancing barefoot like there’s no-one watching, rehearsing, discovering, making friends, developing trust, exploring who I am and what it is I want, tasting the poetry of my lines, daring to give it a go, finding neutral, letting go, working out, exercising every muscle in my body, singing old lute songs, discovering my head voice, exploring tension levels, working, people-watching, demonstrating Laban efforts, experimenting with masks, throwing consonants at the ceiling, bouncing vowels off the walls, connecting mind, body, voice and soul, turning strangers into smiles, has come to an end. 

These last four weeks have changed how I look at things, how I approach my work, how I see others and myself, and have added fuel to the fire that was already  glowing there, so that it now burns brightly. I have had the pleasure of meeting, working and playing with some wonderful people, whose creativity and bravery I’ve found inspirational. I’ve experienced just a taste of what it is to train at LAMDA, an appetizer that has left me wanting more of what this wonderful school has to offer.

Although it’s now back to the day job, the fire still burns fiercely within. I will never forget this magical month I’ve just had, and all the people I’ve shared it with along the way. I’ve seen the start of friendships and creative partnerships that will last long beyond our brief time at LAMDA, and though the Shakespeare workshop itself has ended, this is really only just the beginning…


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