A pretty little thing

Basking in the glorious bank holiday sunshine, I wandered down the seafront today with my friend Louise, and happened upon a pretty little thing courtesy of Love Southsea.

Butterfly notebook
A pretty little notebook from the Love Southsea stall

In desperate search of a breeze we headed towards the sea, sitting high on the bank above the bandstand for a while before moving on down to the beach. A little row of stalls stood near the pier, enticing passers-by to view their assorted wares.

One of these stalls was hosted by Love Southsea, a name I‘d heard here and there but whose market stalls I hadn’t actually encountered until now. A waft of pretty fabric caught my eye and I closed in on a delicate cream scarf printed with heather-coloured hearts, sitting snug in a row of colourful fabric. At two for £15 I decided to treat myself and picked out a second scarf, this one black and printed with musical notes.

For each month there's a page showing the whole month followed by a double-page spread per week
For each month there’s a page showing the whole month followed by a double-page spread per week

The true gem I found, however, was a pretty little diary. I think butterflies are the most beautiful and intriguing little creatures, so anything butterfly-themed holds instant appeal, but this was particularly enticing.

Butterfly notebook stickers
Tiny stickers tucked into the inside front cover

Covered with a clear plastic jacket, the 2014 pocket diary sat amongst others with various illustrations decorating their covers. Delicately drawn butterflies fluttered across its pages, and I delighted in its quaint charm. Inside I found a sheet of tiny stickers slotted into the sleeve, bearing pictures of butterflies and words such as ‘meeting’, ‘remember’, and ‘holiday’, to stick on the pages. A lovely touch!

Butterfly notebook notes page
Beautifully illustrated notes pages near the back

At £7.50 it was a little more than I’d usually spend on a diary for myself, but I just had to have it. Now I’ve got to wait until January to use it, so it will have to wait patiently on my desk for a while.

Meanwhile I may head along to the next Love Southsea market (the first Saturday of the month) and check out the other designs. They would make perfect little gifts.

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