Handmade Christmas cards and a lavender heart

It’s a tradition in my family to make Christmas cards for each other, and every year I invariably end up doing this last minute on Christmas Eve. This year was no exception, and last night I set out all my pieces of coloured card, stickers, pipe cleaners, scissors and glue and got to work.


My favourite of the three I made is this Christmas tree card I gave to my sister Amie. It’s a simple design that doesn’t take long to make and can’t really go far wrong (famous last words!).

After folding a piece of green card in half I cut out half a Christmas tree shape on the non-folded edge and cut out just the top part of the tree on the folded edge, drawing the rest of the tree on the card with black pen. I cut out a trunk from brown card and glued it in place, then found some patterned paper for the pot and cut this out then stuck it down. My mum has hundreds of little boxes full of bits and bobs for crafts and at Christmas she gets out several boxes especially for making cards. In one of these I found the little ‘Christmas Wishes’ strip, backed with decoupage pads, to stick on the pot. I finished it off by decorating the tree with stickers for baubles and two star stickers pressed together over the tip of the tree.


My little sister, whose craft creations I have blogged about before, made me some lovely Christmas pressies alongside her homemade cards. This pretty heart filled with dried lavender will hang in my wardrobe to keep my clothes smelling nice, and was made using lavender grown in mum’s garden. Amie cut the lavender and hung it inside to dry, before pulling off the dried flowers.

For the heart she placed two pieces of the same fabric together, right side to right side, and cut out a heart shape. She then machine stitched the two pieces together around the edge of the heart (backstitch will work fine if you hand stitch instead), leaving a 1cm margin. On one side of the heart she left a 2cm gap, then turned the heart the right way out and filled with the dried lavender, before sewing the gap closed using ladder stitch. To add the finishing touches she made a little bow from some thin white ribbon and tacked it in place, then created a loop from the same roll of ribbon and sewed both on to the top of the heart, with the ribbon on top. Using cream thread ensured the stitches are barely visible.

I think I’ll have a go at making one of these for a birthday present this year, as it seems quite straightforward, even for me!


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