Christmas crocheted cafetière cosy

One of the fantastic handmade presents my sister Amie gave me this Christmas is this crocheted cafetière cosy.

Cafetiere cosy

Working in an office, it’s pretty standard that I rely on my dear friend caffeine to get me through the day. At work I have a little cafetière that makes one cup of coffee (no instant coffee for me, thank you!), but I’ve been struggling to keep my coffee warm while it’s brewing. I either pour it when it’s still hot but not quite brewed to perfection, or I wait and it brews properly but loses too much heat. Resorting to the microwave to give it a heat boost is obviously not ideal as it impairs the flavour.

Thus when Amie asked what I wanted for Christmas I came up with a cafetière cosy. I’d obviously heard of a tea cosy, so why not one for my cafetière?

Amie made this one out of red wool with a dinky little white and red button, but you can of course make it with whatever colour combination you choose, and adapt the measurements to fit your cafetière (this fits a standard one-cup cafetière). Here’s how she made it (forgive me if the instructions are not perfect – I’ve never done crocheting so relied on Amie’s notes, and interpreting her handwriting!):

  • Slip knot the wool onto the crochet hook (size five).
  • Chain the appropriate number of stitches to fit round the cafetière.
  • Chain two
  • DC (double crochet) in second chain from hook. DC in all chains.
  • DC in all chain spaces, remembering to chain two at the beginning of each new row (approximately nine rows in total for this size of cafetière).
  • Slip stitch to finish and sew in ends.
  • Using the excess thread from the starting chain (which you made at the beginning), chain enough to accommodate the button (approximately five).
  • Slip stitch into the end of the eighth row and sew in the end.
  • Sew the button onto the corresponding side.
  • At the bottom of the cosy sew the two ends together (from the first two rows) to fit underneath the cafetière handle.
  • The cosy will button up at the top once you have pulled it on to the cafetière.

Ta da!

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