Mid-run magic

We’re now in that magical place that is halfway through show week. Pride and Prejudice opened at the Kings Theatre on Wednesday with a matinee, and runs until Saturday night. We’re three shows down, three to go, and it feels like I’m in a strangely pleasant no man’s land.

P&P image 1

Show week is a special yet strange time when you may be filling your hours during the day with chores or work, but your mind never really leaves the theatre. As you’re reading an email, speaking to a client, or if you’ve taken the week off work and are just popping to the shops or for a walk, you feel a tug towards that building; the stage, the dressing room gossip, the running around backstage like a mad woman when they give the five-minute call.

The raw nerves of the first night have calmed to a steady buzz, you’ve done several performances and are by now in the swing of things, and the post-show blues are still a long way off. It’s a time of make believe, a time of magic. A time of looking back and forwards. And you’ve still got everything to play for.


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