Student housing sorted!

This weekend I went up to Loughton to view a house for next year. It’s now just one month until I move up there and start the MA Acting at East 15 Acting School! Terrified, exhilarated, excited and full of anticipation only goes partway to describe how I’m feeling right now.

We’d already seen one house we liked at the Welcome Day back in July, and this time we were viewing the agent’s other property. She’s bought this one herself and put a lot of time and effort into making it lovely, so we decided on this house for our group of five.

My new bedroom
My new student bedroom

Walking into each room I felt a tingle of excitement as I imagined myself living there, learning lines by the light of the desk lamp, settling into bed at night after a long day of training, or waking to another hectic but wonderful day of movement, voice work and Shakespeare.

The house is about five minutes’ walk from the school. Considering how rubbish I am at mornings and how understandably strict the school is with getting to class on time, this is a big plus. It will also make it safer for us walking back home in the dark.

There’s a lovely big kitchen, an annex room out the back with its own shower and loo, and all the rooms are fully furnished, so I don’t have to cart a double bed and mattress up to London. This does mean, however, that I need to find somewhere to store said mattress and bed, or a skip big enough. I’ve also broached the subject with my mum of bringing a small pile – just a small pile – of stuff back home when I visit my family next weekend. I always figured that by 28 I’d be fully moved out of the family home and would have my own place. I guess I was wrong. I may have moved out in person ten years ago but the boxes labeled ‘Jennie’s stuff’ have yet to venture to the front door.

Predictably, I’ve gone for the biggest room in the house. I have a lot of stuff. Most of it I never even look at, but I carry it around with me all the same. It’s kind of like a giant comfort blanket. The largest bedroom also has a sizeable desk. I’m a writer (or I like to think I am), so a decent-sized desk is as crucial to my wellbeing as a decent pair of running shoes is to a runner. Well, perhaps not quite.

It feels good to have the housing situation sorted – one less thing to worry about. I haven’t lived in a house of five since I was last a student seven years ago, so the fight for the shower/kitchen/toilet will take some getting used to again, but I’m excited to share a place with a group of fellow actors in training, and experience that excitement and camaraderie.

With each step we get one bit closer to this whole drama school thing becoming a reality. Terrifying, but pretty exciting too…

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