New and improved actor showreel

As promised, here is my new acting showreel, filmed and edited by fellow actor and East 15 student Scott Lyons. We filmed at East 15 Acting School and in Epping Forest early one evening, where I provided a veritable feast for a horde of midges. Take it from me: do not go into the woods at twilight unless you are wearing extra strength bug repellent, or expect to be scratching for a good week afterwards.

Most of my actor training has been in theatre, although I have acted in two short films (I now have my own IMDB page). Looking back at the footage for my new showreel, there are a few habits I would like to work on, particularly the weird things I do with my face. On stage an expressive face is useful, but on camera they often say less is more, and in this case that is definitely true! There’s a lot of my face showing the audience that I’m thinking, rather than just thinking and letting the camera pick this up. As ever, practice makes perfect, so the more experience I can get on camera, the better!

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