Christmas present fabric pictures

I do love a home-made gift, as does everyone in my family. This Christmas I got out my needle and thread and made little fabric pictures for my mum and Grandma.

The wooden box frames come from Wilko and the fabric is from my sister’s bags of fabric scraps (she does a lot of crafting). All I needed other than that was a needle and thread, card, a pencil, some fabric scissors and embroidery scissors.


I started by disassembling the photo frames, taking out the back piece and drawing round it on a piece of white card. This is to stick the fabric to in order to keep it from slipping down. I then cut a piece of calico the same size for the background of the picture.

Rifling through the fabric scraps I found a few bits I liked the look of and decided to keep it simple with a tree, some grass and three birds (see pictures – sorry about the poor quality shots). I used backstitch to keep the pieces of my picture in place, then stuck the whole thing to the card with that old Blue Peter favourite, double-sided tape. And hey presto!

The tree and birds picture is for my mum, and I made another box frame fabric picture featuring butterflies and flowers for my Grandma. You can of course use normal frames but I like how the box ones add depth to the picture and don’t flatten the fabric or stitching, as the glass isn’t sitting directly against the picture. Wilko also sell larger box frames if you’ve got more time and fancy creating something a little grander.



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